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The Kansas Department of Labor (KDOL) has issued some guidance for employers and workers as it relates to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. KDOL has released FAQs that note that the one-week waiting period is waived for COVID-19 related reasons. Work search requirements are waived if the claimant is taking the necessary steps to return to work for the regular employer. All employers are required to notify workers of the availability of UI benefits at the time of separation. The FAQs note that gig workers are considered self-employed and can potentially be eligible for UI benefits if the gig worker has worked for an employer who pays UI taxes in the last 18 months.

Employers exploring reducing production as a result of supply chain challenges related to COVID-19 can take advantage of the state’s shared work program (shortterm compensation plan) in lieu of a temporary, total layoff of employees. It allows for a partial work week and partial unemployment benefits for employees. To participate, normal weekly work hours for employees must be reduced by 20% (no more than 40%) and apply to at least 10% of employees. Also, employers forced to temporarily lay off employees due to the COVID-19 can assist their employees by filing an application for unemployment benefits. Employers who utilize this option will have the ability to communicate directly with the employer relations administrator instead of waiting to speak with a representative at the unemployment contact center. In addition, the employer will receive one listing of all claims filed on a spreadsheet, instead of receiving an employer notice for each employee who files a claim. The KDOL notes that currently, workers are eligible to receive up to 16 weeks of unemployment benefits [KDOL website, COVID-19 Response Resources, 3/13/20].

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