Morrow & Co. LLC is a local firm dedicated to giving outstanding service to our clients. Our size and location provide unique benefits to talented and self-motivated professionals.

Working in a local firm environment allows staff to have first-hand client contact. Client interaction allows staff to develop not just technical competence, but also stimulates development of interpersonal communication skills and general business acumen. In addition to personal contact, staff is given the opportunity to work on client jobs from start to finish. You will be a true part of the team … not just another cog in the wheel.

Working in Wichita provides an abundance of benefits. There are a variety of suburbs for quiet living. There is Old Town for fun and excitement. Wherever you are, shopping is just minutes away. In addition to the big-city benefits, working at our firm allows convenient parking and easy access to all parts of the city from our convenient downtown location.


In hiring CPAs and staff, we look for individuals with records of outstanding personal and academic achievement – including superior college academic records. We look for staff with strong motivation, initiative, and the ability to take on responsibility. In addition to academic achievement, we look for individuals with common sense and impeccable character. Confidentiality and commitment to client satisfaction are the cornerstones of our success.

Working for Morrow & Co. LLC is not for everybody. Our commitment to client satisfaction requires us to work long hours if a client has a crisis. Our commitment requires us to think about our clients even when we are off the clock.

If you are bright, skilled, motivated, highly ethical, and willing to work in a thriving team environment, please submit your resume to:

Morrow & Co. LLC
421 E 3rd St N
Wichita, Kansas 67202
Fax 316.263.2302