Specific Forms and Processing

Our team has a large amount of experience preparing many different tax forms. Morrow & Co. LLC is fully capable of preparing forms included in, though not limited to, the following list.

Annual Returns
1040 & K-40 Individual Income Tax Returns
1041 & K-41 Estate & Trust Income Tax Returns
1065 & K-65 LLC and Partnership Tax Returns
1120S & K-120S Small Business Corporation Tax Returns
1120 & K-120 Corporate Tax Returns
990-C Cooperative Income Tax Returns
990 Non Profit Tax Returns
5500 Employee Benefit Plan Returns
LM-2 Labor Union Reports
Form AR & LC Kansas Annual Reports
Out of State returns

Payroll Tax and Information Returns
941 Quarterly Payroll Tax Returns
940 Annual Unemployment Returns
KW-5 Kansas Withholding Returns
KCNS-100 Kansas Unemployment Tax Returns

Forms W-2, W-3, and KW-3
1099 Series Forms and Form 1096
Sales & Excise Tax Returns
Kansas Sales Tax Returns
Kansas Liquor Enforcement Tax Returns
Kansas Dry Cleaning Environmental Tax Returns

Personal Property Tax Returns
Applications For Tax Exemption